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C4ISRNET  |  4.26.2022

‘Zero trust’ can secure satellite communications against cyberattack

Behind the headline-grabbing kinetic war, Russia’s attack on Ukraine has put a new focus on the importance of cybersecurity and satellite communications.


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SpaceNews Webinar: Blockchain for Space

SpaceNews  |  11.22.2021

Blockchain is most often associated with Bitcoin, but the technology has important applications for many industries including the space sector.

The Real Space Race is Just Beginning – SpiderOak CTO in RealClearPolicy

RealClearPolicy  |  11.15.2021

Most people don’t know it yet, but we’re in the midst of a second space race, which many people in the field call New Space.

Sure there’s hype, but blockchain has concrete space applications

SpaceNews  |  11.15.2021

Since it burst onto the scene with Bitcoin, blockchain has been linked with other cryptocurrencies, digital artwork and extraordinary energy consumption. The heart of blockchain, though, is a distributed ledger with important applications for the space sector.

Don’t let hackers follow us to space – Spideroak VP of Solutions

SpaceNews  |  11.8.2021

If you have been amazed by recent space breakthroughs like flying a robotic helicopter on Mars, reusable rockets that can land vertically, and the long-anticipated takeoff of space tourism, brace yourself: this is just the beginning. But with new moves into space, there is the risk that we will take our Earthbound cyber vulnerabilities with us into orbit.

SSA Spotlight: SmallSat Cyber Solutions with TriSept and SpiderOak

SmallSat Alliance  |  10.29.2021

Matt Erickson, VP of Solutions at SpiderOak, joined a SmallSat Alliance spotlight discussion to explore cyber challenges and solutions for the smallsat industry.

Blockchain is much more than just cryptocurrency – SpiderOak VP of Customer Success

Blockchain Magazine  |  10.26.2021

There’s an interesting dichotomy in blockchain and blockchain-based apps. Most of us know about blockchain’s importance to cryptocurrency, but that may not be the most interesting use in the long run. Establishing the fidelity of data across business and government networks may be the biggest blockchain breakthrough.

Spideroak CEO Dave Pearah Discusses Space Cybersecurity With Fox Business

SpiderOak CEO discusses space cyber

Fox Business  |  10.20.2021

Dave Pearah and FBN’s Maria Bartiromo discuss the new space economy, the investment opportunity, and the cyber threat to this potential one trillion-dollar market.

SpiderOak Wins Second Air Force Contract For Secure Space Communications

CISION  |  9.9.2021

The U.S. Air Force has approved an approximately $750,000 Small Business Innovation Research grant to SpiderOak to test its new OrbitSecure™ secure communications protocol on military satellites and ground stations.

How India’s DEPA Framework Uses Software to Empower Privacy Compliance

ADCG  |  8.13.2021

As detailed as laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) are, there is no one-size-fits-all framework for data privacy. You may know the rules, but how do you make sure you and the rest of your organization are following them?

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