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Forbes  |  8.12.2022

The Biggest Lesson From James Webb That No One Is Talking About

At a time when government budgets are very limited in even their ability to service debt obligations and pay for minimum essential services, satellites and roaming robots are the answer.


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SpiderOak CTO Jonathan Moore on Secure Talk Podcast

Secure Talk Podcast  |  7.22.2021

Jonathan Moore, CTO of SpiderOak talks about security problems in the software supply chain, the need for a more effective national cyber defense, and some best practices for individual and organizational security.

SpiderOak VP of Solutions Discusses Microsoft Exchange Hack by China

CHEDDAR NEWS  |  7.19.2021

Matthew Erickson joined Cheddar News to discuss the Biden administration and Western allies formally blaming China on Monday for a massive hack of Microsoft Exchange email server software.

Cyber-Deterrence Doesn’t Work

1945  |  7.2.2021

As President Joe Biden met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in mid-June about the spate of Russian-origin cyber-attacks on America, a growing number of security analysts joined in repeating the refrain: “Hit them back!”

Mike Madden Joins SpiderOak as VP Finance

CISION  |  6.30.2021

SpiderOak, a secure communication and collaboration company, is pleased to announce that Mike Madden has joined the company as Vice President of Finance.

It’s Time to Get Serious About Cyberattacks


We must realize that the environment has changed. National borders matter little, dangerous hacking tools and methods are proliferating, and attackers around the world target us with low risk to themselves.

Your Confidential Cloud: SpiderOak Protects Server Networks Via Zero-Trust Encryption  |  6.11.2021

TL; DR: SpiderOak is on a mission to safeguard the world’s data through a cutting-edge portfolio of security and privacy technology.

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