SpiderOak’s Dynamic Trust Platform

A secure software platform for effortlessly building cryptographically secure software in business-critical environments.

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Introducing the SpiderOak Dynamic Trust Platform

Build Your Own No Knowledge Applications

For years, our customers have been asking us how they can build their own No Knowledge software…

We finally have an answer.

Introducing SpiderOak’s Dynamic Trust Platform.

Now users can augment their HTML5 skills with the same systems and methodology we use to develop our products to build their own end-to-end encrypted, cross-platform, private blockchain applications.

Yes, you read that right: Build your own No Knowledge applications with just HTML5.

Better Management of Policy, Trust, and Need To Know

Addressing System Authority, Identity, Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability

Perhaps the biggest challenges facing computer security today is management and enforcement of need to know, of trust around data and processes.

Traditional systems task IT infrastructure securing authority, identity, confidentiality, integrity, and availability of system resources and information, yet the news is rife with evidence that this approach is not keeping up with attacks or the attackers, as the failure of a single point of trust can compromise an entire system.

An Industry Unique Approach to Secure Application Development

Building trustworthy, cross-platform software

SpiderOak comes at the problem from a completely different perspective: via the careful application of blockchain technology. Applying the distributed ledger not only makes it easier to manage access to information, but it also drastically limits the number of things an attacker can take advantage of to breach your defenses.

The SpiderOak Platform reduces the risk associated with failures of trust through key-based management of identity and authority, a powerful policy engine to digitally enforce compensating controls, and through Distributed Ledger Technology to manage information access.

With the SpiderOak Platform, it is easy to manage access to information, limit vectors of attack, and reduce data leaks in the top-level application.

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End-to-End Encrypted Applications on a Private Blockchain

Distributed Ledger/Private Blockchain Technology

The Platform uses DLT with public-key cryptography to produce a platform to create and manage collaborative enclaves.

Powerful Policy Engine

All transactions on the ledger are validated by a flexible policy engine. This engine, programmed in an extensible policy language, provides rules and roles within the system.

Public-Key Based Identity

Identity is managed within the system by a unique public/private keypair for each user within the system. Users utilize the same set of account keys in any deployment of SpiderOak services, regardless of location.

Cryptographic Compartmentalization

Through the application of distributed ledger and public-key based identity, endpoints can secretly negotiate a shared key that is known only to the endpoints that negotiated it and is used to encrypt all data.

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