Secure Multinational Collaboration

Extending Zero Trust Security to High-Risk Multinational Collaboration Environments

SpiderOak Mission Systems’ Secure Multinational Collaboration solution enables teams to quickly create an agile, secure communication network from nothing but the locally available infrastructure and equipment.

Rapid Deployment and High Security

Federal multinational missions demand rapid deployment, immediate response, and extreme confidentiality. Response teams need solutions that can react as fast as their reflexes while remaining secure. The Secure Multinational Collaboration solution is built on the SpiderOak Platform, so the security is built in. It can deploy in thirty minutes or less anywhere there is a connection. Any network that can send bytes can be leveraged by this offering.

The software connects teams, wherever they are, to their source of support, wherever they are. A user in Crystal City Virginia can securely provide support to team members dispersed around the world, using nothing but their personal phone and untrusted networks. Because SpiderOak supports IoT deployments, teams can easily integrate data from multiple autonomous sources.

A Zero Trust Security Solution for Global Remote Collaboration

SpiderOak’s Secure Multinational Collaboration is a communications and collaboration solution designed to meet the exacting security requirements of today’s global companies.

Leveraging both Distributed Ledger and No Knowledge Encryption, Secure Multinational Collaboration ensures that the confidential data sources you depend on to drive efficiencies remain confidential.

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Unlike Other Collaboration Solutions

Most commercial grade communication and collaboration suites are designed to improve operational efficiencies, i.e. to achieve the same productivity levels one would expect from a co-located centralized workforce, only with a globally distributed workforce spread across multiple geographies and time zones.

Security is rarely a design principle of offerings in this space. It is either outsourced to perimeter defense solutions or retrofitted into an existing install base after a weakness has been exploited. The vulnerability is the centralized nature of perimeter defense. It’s designed to protect persons or applications operating behind the perimeter, whereas the protection profile of the global virtual workforce is distributed, operating well beyond the boundary of the security frontier.

SpiderOak’s Secure Multinational Collaboration solution is built secure from the ground up. Our Zero Trust design philosophy means only designated users can access files, chat, share, or collaborate, and only you as the system’s administrator have access to your users’ information. That’s it. Not even SpiderOak administrators can access them. It’s not just “end to end encryption;” it’s a No Knowledge System.

Secure Collaboration from Any Device

Secure Multinational Collaboration is built on the SpiderOak Platform, which is designed to run on just about any device and deploy in thirty minutes or less, anywhere there is a network to connect team members – wherever they may be – to the rest of the world.

Using this solution, an analyst in Worcester, MA, an infectious diseases expert in Singapore, and a field hospital in Nigeria can securely work together with a research center in Bethesda MD using nothing but their personal phone and the local library wi-fi, even when discussing sensitive information. Because SpiderOak supports IoT deployments, teams can easily integrate unmanned equipment and sensor data into their decision support process.

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Operate Over Any Network.

SpiderOak has been providing cryptographically secure Zero Trust solutions since 2006. Since 2019, SpiderOak Mission Systems has turned its expertise to the Intelligence and DOD communities, building partnerships that allow us to create the most strategic secure communication solutions that modern technology can provide. We know that no one knows your mission set like you do, so please reach out and let us know how we can build the solution that addresses your mission’s challenges.

Solution Features & Functions

Best in Class Security

  • End-to-end encryption and private blockchain technology keep your data safe.

Unlimited Version Control

  • Automatically retains every version of every file.

Centralized Team Management

  • Team administrator controls file deletion, folder creation, and user privileges.

Selective Sharing

  • Share files with your entire team, a select group, or an individual.


  • Share, sync, and collaborate with teammates on different operating systems.

Hosted or On-Premise

  • SpiderOak Secure Remote Telework is available for both on-premise deployment or hosted as a service.

Instant Notifications

  • Get a notification whenever anyone updates a shared file or folder.

Full Mobile Functionality

  • Download, view and upload files from your mobile device for complete continuity.

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