Secure Federal Telework

A Zero Trust Telework Solution For Missions With High-Value Data and Zero Tolerance For Risk

SpiderOak Mission Systems’ Secure Federal Telework solution unlocks the world of telework to organizations dealing with sensitive information, such as Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), HIPAA, or other data that can’t be put at risk.

Addressing Hi-Risk Mission Environments

Security challenges in protecting sensitive data

Telework (or remote work) was once a curiosity in government, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic it is a rapidly ascending business model. Federal organizations reap advantages such as reduced overhead and reduced unplanned time off, but their most significant gain is flexibility in business continuity planning. Remote employees can continue critical functions even when the power is out at the office, enabling the business to run smoothly through hazardous weather, transit strikes, or public health emergencies, ensuring continuous operations in the most trying times.

But remote connectivity has remained tantalizingly out of reach for many government agencies that interact with highly sensitive data on a daily basis. Without secure telework options, the employees of these organizations are forced to brave hazardous conditions to keep the mission informed and everything running smoothly.

A Zero Trust Security Solution For Secure, Remote Telework

SpiderOak’s Secure Federal Telework solution is ready to bring secure telework to a mission space that was previously out of the question due to security concerns.

Leveraging both Distributed Ledger and No Knowledge Encryption, Secure Multinational Collaboration ensures that the confidential data sources you depend on to drive efficiencies remain confidential. The solution provides the security necessary for telework by completely changing the paradigm from trusting the network to a zero trust system.

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Unlike Other Telework Solutions

Traditional security has been focused on the security of the infrastructure, not data. In a traditionally secured network, plaintext information is transmitted over the network with the assumption that the whole infrastructure is “good enough.” The system resembles a castle with high walls around the perimeter but no security on the inside: just like a castle, it is very hard to suddenly extend the walls around hundreds or thousands of individuals in their own homes.

Secure Federal Telework does not rely on trusting the infrastructure, and in fact de-trusts the network, servers, and administrators. Instead of trying to awkwardly extend the castle walls, it protects each individual user and their data no matter where they are. It does this with key management for identity, blockchain for irrefutable authority, and a powerful policy engine for managing role- and attribute-based access controls, and encryption for data.

Secure Telework From Any Location or Device

Secure Federal Telework is built on the SpiderOak Platform, which is designed to run on just about any device and deploy in thirty minutes or less, anywhere there is a network to connect team members – wherever they may be – to the rest of the world.

Using this solution, a data scientist located in a Bethesda, MD field office can securely communicate and share sensitive mission-specific data points or documents with analysts at the Bagram Airfield command center in the Parwan Province of Afghanistan, using nothing but their personal phone and the local library wi-fi. And because SpiderOak supports IoT deployments, teams can easily integrate unmanned equipment and sensor data into their decision support process.

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Operate Securely, Anywhere

SpiderOak has been providing cryptographically secure Zero Trust solutions since 2006. Since 2019, Spideroak Mission Systems has turned its expertise to the Intelligence and DOD communities, building partnerships that allow us to create the most strategic secure communication solutions that modern technology can provide. We know that no one knows your mission set like you do, so please reach out and let us know how we can build the solution that addresses your mission’s challenges.

Solution Features & Functions

Best in Class Security

  • End-to-end encryption and private blockchain technology keep your data safe.

Unlimited Version Control

  • Automatically retains every version of every file.

Centralized Team Management

  • Team administrator controls file deletion, folder creation, and user privileges.

Selective Sharing

  • Share files with your entire team, a select group, or an individual.


  • Share, sync, and collaborate with teammates on different operating systems.

Hosted or On-Premise

  • SpiderOak Secure Remote Telework is available for both on-premise deployment or hosted as a service.

Instant Notifications

  • Get a notification whenever anyone updates a shared file or folder.

Full Mobile Functionality

  • Download, view and upload files from your mobile device for complete continuity.

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