Security Response

Thank You for Your Interest in Keeping SpiderOak Secure

We are dedicated to providing No Knowledge security and privacy in our products for the benefit of all of our users.

Reporting Security Problems:

Please feel free to send urgent or sensitive security reports to; for such purposes, you may use our public key to encrypt sensitive information. To report less urgent matters you can contact our support team.


We Are a Security-Sensitive Team of Engineers

As it pertains to response, you’ll get a reply from our team usually within 24 hours and certainly within 1 business day. We will work with you to help fully investigate and understand the scope of the potential problem, and once resolved, we will immediately post a security update and link to you and/or your site with appropriate credit and appreciation.

Security Related Updates

September 28, 2017

SpiderOak ONE andSpiderOak Groups update (v. 6.4.0) to address Share Room vulnerabilities

Release NotesMore Information


June 5, 2017

SpiderOak ONE and SpiderOak Groups update (v. 6.3.0) to address potential active attack vectors found by security researchers

Release NotesMore Information

Next Steps

To learn more about SpiderOak’s secure communications, collaboration, back-up and storage products please contact us.

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