SpiderOak Space Cybersecurity Solutions

Until recently, the traditional approach to operating spacecraft involved a single party operating the craft, the payload, and its ground network. This vertical integration allowed for the information security of the spacecraft to be built around the trust within an organization.

We are moving into an era where operators are now using third-party ground stations, splitting the roles of spacecraft, and even sharing payload operators with other entities. This multi-party/global approach to operations has improved speed and efficiencies, but it has also exposed a growing cyber-risk to our global satellite network, due to:

  • Hosted payloads, shared space vehicle busses
  • A growing reliance on third-party architecture components
  • Complex supply chains, thousands of moving parts, some outside the USA
  • Human error, unpatched systems, misconfigured software, or insider threats

Any of these can result in the disruption of command, control, and communication, or even worse: alter the functionality or sensor data of systems. In this hybrid, multi-party environment, security can no longer be based on trust. Updated communications software is crucial.

Maintaining Security in Hybrid, Multi-party Launch Systems

SpiderOak Space Cyber Solutions leverage the OrbitSecure Protocol, a light-weight solution designed to provide a software-only approach to ground and space platforms. OrbitSecure ensures command, control, and communication (C3) for hybrid space architectures over untrusted infrastructure. All our service and product offerings in this domain feature options for:

  • CONTROL PLANE SECURITY: De-trusting ground stations using distributed authority.
  • TEMPORAL SECURITY: Keys or access are valid for a single authorized pass, preventing the use beyond intended scope.
  • PROCESSING SECURITY: Providing auditability and chain of trust for processing chains, product distribution, derived products, etc.

These are the Zero Trust solutions based on SpiderOak’s proprietary deployment of No Knowledge encryption and Blockchain capabilities, delivered in an intuitive, resource-friendly software suite. SpiderOak Space Cybersecurity Solutions provide guarantees of authority and identity, as well as the flexibility to integrate with older systems on orbit for years and new systems yet to launch.

Secure Defense & Intelligence Telework and Multinational Collaboration

Secure Federal Telework

SpiderOak Mission Systems’ Secure Federal Telework solution unlocks the world of telework to organizations dealing with sensitive information, such as Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), HIPAA, or other data that can’t be put at risk.

Secure Multinational Collaboration

SpiderOak Mission Systems’ Secure Multinational Collaboration solution enables teams to quickly create an agile, secure communication network from nothing but the locally available infrastructure and equipment.

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