Space is hard enough. Let OrbitSecure make it secure.

Space assets are inherently insecure––and devoting the time, talent, and treasure to secure them is a significant undertaking. For a fraction of that investment, organizations can use OrbitSecure. OrbitSecure ensures the authority, identity, integrity, and confidentiality of the space architecture data and systems entrusted to it.

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Cybersecurity In Space

Forrester Research outlines the cybersecurity challenges of the fast growing space economy

With the rapidly increasing numbers of both commercial and governmental space missions, cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly urgent concern for anyone with a vested interest in space enterprises. In this report from Forrester Research you will find expert assessments of the cybersecurity landscape of the current and future space economies along with targeted and actionable solutions to the unique risks posed.

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Trust alone is not an option.

Maintaining security in hybrid, multi-party launch environments:

Until recently, the traditional approach to operating spacecraft involved one single party operating the craft, its payload, and the ground network that supported it. This vertical integration allowed for the information security of the spacecraft to be built around the trust within an organization.

We are moving into an era where operators are considering using third-party ground stations, even separating out the roles of spacecraft and payload operators. In this hybrid, multi-party, environment, security can no longer be based on trust.

The integrity, confidentiality, and authority of commands and data must be implemented using controls that are near-impossible to circumvent, for both the ground station network and for the operators of the spacecraft upon which the payloads ride.

This is where OrbitSecure can help.

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security in hybrid, multi-party launch environments

Introducing OrbitSecure

Agile, Secure Communications for Management of Spacecraft and Payloads

OrbitSecure is an unparalleled system for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance-collection security when managing spacecraft and payloads.

A first-of-its-kind combination of policy engine, distributed ledger, and public-private key cryptology, OrbitSecure is designed for providing extreme key management agility.

OrbitSecure provides cryptographically secure, irrefutable knowledge of your orbital assets’ state at all times.

  • Who sent a command; What they sent; When they sent it.
  • What was the resultant action; What is the current state.
  • What processing ran; On what data; When; What product resulted; Where it went.

OrbitSecure provides tools to ensure that only authorized parties:

  • Can command assets.
  • Receive telemetry from the assets.
  • Gain access to the contents.
  • Are granted least privilege required for their duties.

Users also receive:

  • Unlimited number of end-to-end encrypted virtual micro-channel communications.
  • 100% auditability of all actions, commands, results.
  • Proof of product authenticity.
  • Tracking of product provenance.

OrbitSecure provides the security you need without having to replace existing in-flight hardware.

OrbitSecure integrates with both older systems on-orbit and new systems yet to launch.

OrbitSecure reduces both the complexity of implementation and required resources for deployment. Additionally, we understand that we must work with existing mission planning, scheduling, and control solutions integrating with the heritage solutions that the industry has come to rely on.

Therefore, SpiderOak can deliver a deployable service into a customer’s environment that will provide the agile key management for the mission planning and C2 software.

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Next Steps

The OrbitSecure protocol provides a strong assurance of the authority, identity, integrity, and confidentiality of the space architecture data and systems entrusted to it.

As with any security technology, it is important to understand where and how it fits within the system. We are happy to consult and further address your mission security requirements.

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