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Blockchain is much more than just cryptocurrency – SpiderOak VP of Customer Success

There’s an interesting dichotomy in blockchain and blockchain-based apps. Most of us know about blockchain’s importance to cryptocurrency, but that may not be the most interesting use in the long run. Establishing the fidelity of data across business and government networks may be the biggest blockchain breakthrough.


Spideroak CEO Dave Pearah Discusses Space Cybersecurity With Fox Business

Dave Pearah and FBN’s Maria Bartiromo discuss the new space economy, the investment opportunity, and the cyber threat to this potential one trillion-dollar market.

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SpiderOak Wins Second Air Force Contract For Secure Space Communications

The U.S. Air Force has approved an approximately $750,000 Small Business Innovation Research grant to SpiderOak to test its new OrbitSecure™ secure communications protocol on military satellites and ground stations.


Phil Eichensehr Joins SpiderOak Mission Systems Federal Advisory Board

SpiderOak Mission Systems, a provider of Zero-Trust based collaboration and hybrid space solutions, is pleased to announce that Phil Eichensehr has joined the Company's board of advisors.


SpiderOak VP of Solutions Discusses Microsoft Exchange Hack by China

Matthew Erickson joined Cheddar News to discuss the Biden administration and Western allies formally blaming China on Monday for a massive hack of Microsoft Exchange email server software.

Cyber-Deterrence Doesn’t Work

As President Joe Biden met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in mid-June about the spate of Russian-origin cyber-attacks on America, a growing number of security analysts joined in repeating the refrain: “Hit them back!”

Mike Madden Joins SpiderOak as VP Finance

SpiderOak, a secure communication and collaboration company, is pleased to announce that Mike Madden has joined the company as Vice President of Finance.

It’s Time to Get Serious About Cyberattacks

We must realize that the environment has changed. National borders matter little, dangerous hacking tools and methods are proliferating, and attackers around the world target us with low risk to themselves.


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