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Effective operation of federal government agencies increasingly depends on a smooth, secure flow of information across organizations, among stakeholders, and with the public. The tools used for this collaboration and communication too often fail to meet the security and compliance standards that agencies require. This means that operations and delivery of essential services are at risk of being disrupted.

This vulnerability was exacerbated in 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic and the mass migration of federal workers to remote work. Consider that in 2018, only 22% of federal workers were permitted to telework from home. Today, almost three-fourths of federal workers now telecommute. A recent report from the federal Pandemic Response Accountability Committee warned of “inadvertent spills and disclosures of classified information by employees performing unclassified work at home”. Clearly, remote work has made sensitive federal information less secure.

Worse yet, as agencies struggle to provide the remote workforce with high levels of worker connectivity, cyberattacks have surged by an estimated 400%. Many of these attacks have taken advantage of insecure communication tools, exposing chronic security vulnerabilities and serious design flaws.

Zero Trust Software Solutions For High Value Data

Work collaboratively on files. Cloud-based storage so you never lose changes and always stay in sync with your team.

SpiderOak Civilian Government solutions are designed to address and overcome these threats for secure, last-mile delivery of your most sensitive information. While most companies retrofit security into their products, SpiderOak’s solutions are built from the ground up to secure your most sensitive information assets with simplicity and ease of use.

Our offerings leverage the latest in Zero Trust encryption and Blockchain capabilities, delivered in an intuitive, resource-friendly software suite. Think of it as the equivalent of Signal, but designed to meet enterprise mission security demands, or like Slack or Dropbox, just secure.

With SpiderOak, mission owners need not worry about “Zoombombing” or data breaches; only your designated users can access files, chat, share, and collaborate, and only you as the system’s administrator have access to your users’ information. That’s it. Not even SpiderOak administrators can access it.

It’s not just “end to end encryption;” it’s a No Knowledge System.

Secure Defense & Intelligence Telework and Multinational Collaboration

Secure Federal Telework

SpiderOak Mission Systems’ Secure Federal Telework solution unlocks the world of telework to organizations dealing with sensitive information, such as Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), HIPAA, or other data that can’t be put at risk.

Secure Multinational Collaboration

SpiderOak Mission Systems’ Secure Multinational Collaboration solution enables teams to quickly create an agile, secure communication network from nothing but the locally available infrastructure and equipment.

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