Transparency Report

Published since August 2014, our biannual report acknowledges official government requests.

The numbers below show the number of requests we’ve had from law enforcement or government agencies for access to customer data.

Although the security of your data is our top priority, we might not be able to inform you of such a request if served with a secret subpoena. Fortunately, the nature of our No Knowledge, end-to-end encryption storage system makes accessing your content extremely difficult without access to your personal keys.

The purpose of this transparency report is to indicate that there has not been a request for customer data. This report will be updated twice a year and replaces the Warrant Canary system thatSpiderOak previously used.

For more information, please see our stance on transparency.


Search Warrants

Search warrants are requests for information within a specified time frame and location. Additionally, search warrants must be approved and signed by a judge. Search warrants can be issued by local, state or federal governments, and can only be used in criminal cases. Probable cause must be established for a warrant to be issued.



Subpoenas require that specified records or evidence be released and are issued by government investigator. They do not require judicial review and can only apply to basic information regarding clients who use a given service.


Court Orders

A court order is a command from a judge or other official that requires the subject of the order to take a specified action. This can take a lot of forms. An example of a court order is the 2703 (d) order under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act.


National Security Letters

National Security Letters (NSLs) are requests from the FBI for information pertaining to a national security investigation. A court order is not required for an NSL, but it may only request the name, address, length of service and local and long distance toll billing records of clients.

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