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Every year it becomes more and more clear that the federal government does not have the human resources or the requisite skills to fully address the growing challenges facing our nation. Agencies bridge this gap by employing contractors with unique skill sets to handle these short- and long-term requirements. Today, 4 out of every 10 people who work for the Federal government are private contractors, many of whom hold sensitive data or perform services on behalf of some of our most critical missions.

But there is a problem: research from security ratings firm BitSight indicates that the cybersecurity performance of government contractors is far below the performance standards of the agencies they work for, meaning that a security performance gap exists between the U.S. federal government and its contractor base. This places sensitive government data at serious risk. The report states that:

  • “Over 8% of healthcare and wellness contractors have disclosed a data breach since January 2016”
  • “Aerospace/Defense firms had the next highest breach disclosure rate at 5.6%”
  • Nearly 50% of contractors surveyed scored a “C” or below for the “Protective Technology subcategory of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework”, indicating poor hygiene practices for network encryption and email security.

The challenges are clear: 1) how do federal agencies ensure contractor cybersecurity performance levels meet federal standards?, 2) how do they enforce agency security policy and need to know standards? 3) how do they reduce unintended disclosure or theft of sensitive information assets?

SpiderOak has the solutions.

Secure Communication, Collaboration and Powerful Policy Enforcement

SpiderOak Government Contractor solutions are designed to address and overcome the unique security challenges of communicating and collaborating with 3rd party contractors. We leverage the latest in Zero Trust encryption and Blockchain capabilities, delivered in an intuitive, resource-friendly software suite. Think of it as the equivalent of Signal, but designed to meet enterprise mission security demands, or like Slack or Dropbox, just secure.

The use of blockchain/distributed ledger provides an irrefutable record of any changes or modifications to data assets, ensuring full attribution and non-repudiation. Our powerful policy engine insures only those persons with an actual need to know can access files, chat, share or collaborate, and only you as the system’s administrator have access to your users’ information. That’s it. Not even SpiderOak administrators can access them.

It’s not just “end to end encryption;” it’s a No Knowledge System.

Secure Defense & Intelligence Telework and Multinational Collaboration

Secure Federal Telework

SpiderOak Mission Systems’ Secure Federal Telework solution unlocks the world of telework to organizations dealing with sensitive information, such as Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), HIPAA, or other data that can’t be put at risk.

Secure Multinational Collaboration

SpiderOak Mission Systems’ Secure Multinational Collaboration solution enables teams to quickly create an agile, secure communication network from nothing but the locally available infrastructure and equipment.

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